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About Us

XiongYue Crystal Manufactory Pujiang County is named as "The Capital of Crystal". It is only 25km away from The Yiwu International Trade City. Pujiang County Xiongyue Crystal Manufactory is an entity that integrates research development, managerial administration and exporting production. We specialize in manufacturing the accessories for crystal beads, chandelier accessory, crystal beaded curtain for jewelry making and decoration. We possess a standardized product research and development workshop, an automatic production line workshop and a variety of advanced production equipment. Our factory employs more than twenty professional researchers and over 300 technical workers. Our advanced equipment and professional staff result in successful productivity. Therefore, our products are greatly...

Catalogue and Products

7 Inch Crystal Glass Bead Strand

HC101 HC102 HC103 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Adult Jewelry And DIY Industry, HC104 HC105 HC106 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY Industry, HC107 HC108 HC109 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC110 HC111 HC112 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC113 HC114 HC115 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC116 HC117 HC118 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC119 HC120 HC121 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC122 HC123 HC126 7 Inch Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC127 HC128 HC130 7 Inch Popular Design Crystal Bead Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY, HC131 HC132 HC133 7 Inch New Design Glass Crystal Strand For Jewelry Findings And DIY,

New Products

Square Crystal Facted Bead, Hexagon Beads For Jewelry, Sunflower Jewelry Crystal Bead, Twist Fashion Glass Bead, Hexagon Jewelry Faceted Bead, Oval Chandelier Crystal, oval Crystal Glass Beads, 2014 New Beads Wholesale Fashion Crystal Beads, 2014 Crystal round faceted jewelry beads, bicone jewelry beads, New coated beads, Coated Crystal glass beads, Rondelle glass bead, Fashion Crystal Beads, Coated yellow glass bead, Fashion Bicone Glass Bead, Round glass bead, Wholesale Crystal Bead, How wholesale bicone bead, Fashion glass bead,

High Quality Crystal

DF01 Faceted Crystal Glass Beads, DF02 32 round Multicolor Glass Beads, DF03 high quality Rondelle Bead, DF11 Flower Fashion Crystal Beads, DF13 Butterfly Chandelier Crystal, DF15 Heart Style Crystal Glass Beads, DF16 Heart Shape Bead, DF17 Cross Chandelier Crystal, DF18 Starfish Chandelier Crystal, DF19 Star Chandelier Crystal, DF20 UFO Chandelier Crystal, DF23 teardrop Crystal Glass Beads, DF31 Diamond Chandelier Crystal, DF41 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DF42 Chandelier Drop, DF43 Crystal Moon Shape Bead, DF44A Twist Crystal Glass Beads, DF45A Chandelier Crystal, DF45B Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF46 Chandelier Crystal, DF47 Snowflake Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF62 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF63 Chandelier Drop, DF64 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DF81 Crystal Octagon Bead, DF82 Square Crystal Glass Beads, DF05 Jewelry Crystal Bead, DF06 Oval Faceted Bead, DF07 Loose 16 inch Bead, DF08 96 Facets Fashion Crystal Beads, DF09 Drop Fashion Glass Bead, DF48 Chandelier Drop, DF49 High Quality Chandelier Drop, DF50 Clear Chandelier Crystal, DF51 Fashion Chandelier Drop, DF53 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF61 Heart Shape Chandelier Drop, DF65 High Quality Chandelier pendant, DF66 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF68 high quality crystal heart Chandelier Pendant, DF69 Fashion Crystal Beads, DF71 Crystal Glass Beads, DF73 High Quality Crystal Shape Bead, DF74 High Quality Crystal Cut Beads, DF75 High Quality Crystal Glass Beads, DF76 Crystal Cut Beads, DF402 millefiori crystal Bead Strand, DF403 Color Bead, DF404 millefiori Loose Crystal Beads, DF405 millefiori Crystal Facted Bead, DF314 wholesale Color Bead, DF315 Bohemia Glass Beads, DF316 high Crystal Cut Beads, DF317 Crystal Cut Beads, 2014 Fashion Beads, DF301 Fashion Glass Bead, 2014 New design shape Bead Strand, Crystal Fashion Glass Bead, oval Glass Bead Strand, Round faceted Rondelle Bead, Heart shapeJewelry Crystal Bead, Heart shape jewelry Loose Glass Beads, triangle shape Crystal Cut Beads, kidney Jewelry Crystal Bead, Hexagon jewelry Faceted Bead, Hexagon Square Bead, oval Fashion Crystal Beads, tear drop Loose Glass Beads, Round Glass Bead Strand, Almond Fashion Glass Bead, Almond Fashion Crystal Beads, Rectangle Faceted Bead, irregular String Bead, Hexagon Crystal Cut Beads, flower Loose Glass Beads, oval Crystal Bead Strand, frosted Crystal Facted Bead, Frosted Loose Crystal beads, Hot Wholesale Fashion Glass Bead, Jewelry oblique hole glass loose bead/Glass Bead Strand,

Chandelier Accessories

DD06 Double-layers Facet Rain Chandelier Pendant, DD07 Triple-layers Facet Rain Chandelier Drop, DD08 Four-layers Facet Rain Chandelier Drop, DD09 Crystal Prisms Chandelier Pendant, DD22 Wholesale chandelier pendant, DD23 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DD24 Polished Crystal Glass Ball, DD29 Crystal Grape Cluster Chandelier Pendant, DD33 Smooth Fashion Glass Bead, DD41 Chandelier Loose Crystal Beads, DF81 chandelier drop, DF82 chandelier drop, Wholesale Crystal Chandelier Drop, DF84 Chandelier Pendant, DF85 Chandelier Crystal, DF86 Best wholesale chandelier drop, DF87 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DF88 Chandelier Crystal, DF89 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF90 Wholesale Chandelier Pendant, DF83 Fashion Crystal Cut Ball, 2014 Wholesale Chandelier Drop, DF91 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF93 Chandelier Pendant, DF94 Chandelier Drop, DF95 Chandelier Pendant, DF96 Chandelier Crystal, DF97 Chandelier Drop, DF98 Chandelier Crystal, DF99 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF100 Chandelier Pendant, DF101 Chandelier Drop, DF102 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DF103 Chandelier Pendant, DF104 Chandelier Crystal, Crystal drop, Crystal Prisms Chandelier Pendant,

Crystal Chain

DL01 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL02 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL03 Chandelier Beaded Chain, DL04 crystal Octagon Bead Chain, DL05 Square Bead, DL08 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL09 Octagon Bead Chain, DL10 crystal Octagon Bead, DL12 Crystal Square Bead, DL23 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL25 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL26 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL27 Chandelier Beaded Chain, DL28 crystal glass Crystal Beaded Chain, DL29 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL30 crystal glass Beaded Chains, DL31 Chandelier Beaded Chain, DL32 Beaded Chains, DL33 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL34 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL35 Chandelier Beaded Chain, DL36 Octagon Bead Chain, DL01 Octagon Bead Chain, DL08 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL37 Crystal Beaded Chain, DL38 Crystal Beaded Chains, DL39 Crystal Beaded Chains,

Crystal Beaded Curtain

L001 Glass Bead Curtain, L002 Glass Bead Curtain, L003 Crystal Bead Curtain, L004 Glass Bead Curtain, L005 Glass Bead Curtain, L006 Crystal Door Curtain, L007 Crystal Bead Curtain, L009 Glass Bead Curtain, L010 Glass Bead Curtain, L011 Glass Bead Curtain, L012 Glass Bead Curtain, L014 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L015 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L016 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L017 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L020 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L021 crystal beaded curtain, L022 Crystal Door Curtain, L023 Crystal Door Curtain, L024 Glass Bead Curtain, L025 Crystal Door Curtain, L027 Crystal Door Curtain, L028 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L029 Crystal Bead Curtain, L030 Crystal Door Curtain, L031 Crystal Door Curtain, L032 Crystal Door Curtain, L033 Crystal Door Curtain, L034 Crystal Door Curtain, L035 Crystal Door Curtain, L036 Crystal Door Curtain, L037 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L038 Crystal Door Curtain, L039 Crystal Door Curtain, L040 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L041 crystal Handmade Beaded Curtains, L042 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L043 Crystal Door Curtain, L045 crystal Glass Bead Curtain, L046 Crystal Bead Curtain, L047 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L048 crystal Beaded String Curtain, L049 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L050 Glass Bead Curtain, L051 Glass Bead Curtain, L052 Handmade Beaded Curtains, L053 Crystal Beaded Curtain, L002-s Glass Bead Curtain, L054 Crystal Bead Curtain, L055 Crystal Door Curtain, L056 Crystal Bead Curtain, L057 Handmade Beaded Curtains, L058 Crystal Door Curtain, L059 Glass bead curtain,

Faceted Crystal

DQ01 Bicone Faceted Bead, DQ02 32 Faceted Bead, DQ07 Faceted Bead,

Polished Crystal

DG01 shining polished Imitation Pearls, DG02 Irregular polished Fashion Glass Bead, DG04 column Shape Bead, DG06 cube Shape Bead, DG07 square Bead Strand, DG08 sell Big Imitation Pearl, DG09 polished Crystal Strand, DG11 polished Crystal Glass Beads,

Coated Crystal Bead

DM22 Plated Bead, DM23 Plated Crystal Bead, DM24 faceted Shape Bead, DM25 coated crystal Plated Bead, DM26 Plated Bead, DM27 coated Shape Bead, DM28 Crystal Cut Beads, DM29 Oval Plated Bead, DM31 silver Plated Crystal Bead, DM32 raindrop Plated Bead, DM33 Multi-colored Plated Crystal Bead, DM34 Oval Plated Bead,

Chandelier Drop

DX01 Chandelier Drop, DX02 Chandelier Pendant, DX03 Chandelier Pendant, DX06 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DX07 Chandelier Pendant, DX08 chandelier drop, DX09 Chandelier Drop, DX11 Chandelier Pendant, DX12Fashion Crystal Pendant, DX16 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DX22 crystal chandelier drop, DX24 Crystal Chandelier Drop, DX28 Crystal Chandelier Drop, DX29 Crystal Chandelier Drop, DX36 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DX37 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DX38 crystal Fengshui Beads, DX40 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DX42 Crystal Chandelier Pendant, DX43 Fashion Crystal Pendant, DX10 Chandelier Drop, DX17 chandelier drop, DX26 Chandelier Drop, DX31 Chandelier Drop, DX40 chandelier drop,


Perfect Crystal Rosary Bead, Crystal Rosary Bead, Glass Crystal Rosary, Blue Crystal Rosary Bead, Religious Crystal Rosary Bead, Green Crystal Rosary Bead, Mysteries Crystal Rosary Bead, Catholic Crystal Rosary Bead, Islamic Crystal Rosary Bead, Red Glass Crystal Rosary,

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